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The University of Arizona

Creating Link Topics

To create a Content topic using a URL/web address:



1. In Table of Contents, click on the topic where you would like to place the link topic


2. Click the Upload/Create button


3.  Select Create a Link.

4. Enter the Title of the link. This is the text that will display to participants in Content.Create New Link Screen

5. Enter the URL, or web address, to the site you'd like to link to.

Tip: By default, D2L enters a starting point of http://. If you are copying and pasting the URL you will need to delete the http:// that is already there.

6. Optional: Check the box to the left of Open as External Resource if you want the link to open outside of D2L. If checked D2L will not track user progress.

Important: You must check this box if the website you are linking to begins with https:///

7. Click the blue Create button.