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The University of Arizona

Availability Restrictions

To add availability restrictions to a Content module and/or topic do the following:



1. In the menu on the left, click Table of Contents.


2. Click the Bulk Edit button located near the top of the screen.

Click Add Dates and Restrictions


3. Click Add dates and restrictions... located just under the name of the Content module or topic you would like to set restrictions for.

Please Note: Content topics will inherit the restrictions of the Content module they belong to.

Enter Date and Time Information


4. Click the appropriate Add date... field and either manually enter the desired date(s) and time(s) or select the date/time from the calendar and time drop down menus.

Please Note: If you would like a time not on the half hour (e.g. 11:59 PM), you will need to manually enter the desired time. You MUST enter either AM or PM after the time to indicate morning or afternoon/evening.

Click the Update Button





5. Click the Update button to save your changes.