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The University of Arizona

Leaving Grades & Feedback

Video Help

To view a participant's submission and leave feedback and/or grades:

1. Click the name of the submission folder you would like to leave feedback for.

2. Find the participant you'd like to view a submission and leave feedback and/or a grade for and click the Evaluate link to the right of the participant's name.

Please Note: If you have left feedback for the participant previously, instead of Evaluate Submission, the link will be either Draft Saved or Published, depending on the status of the feedback.

Dropbox Evaluation Screen3. If the submission folder is connected to a grade item in your D2L grade book, you can enter a grade for the participant in the Score field.

4. Enter any comments you may have for the participant in the Feedback box.

5. You may also Add a File, Record Audio, and/or Record Video.

6. Click the Publish button to make the feedback and grade immediately available to the participant. Or, click the Save Draft button to save your work without releasing it to the participant.