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The University of Arizona

Enrolling Participants

Anyone with the role of Instructor in a D2L course site can add people to that site. As always, students that are officially registered for a course in UAccess will be automatically enrolled in the corresponding D2L course site; instructors cannot add students to a D2L course site.

To add someone to a course:

1. Decide which role is right for the person you would like to add. You can visit our Roles page for a list of available roles and their permissions.

2. Click the Course Admin link in the navigation bar located near the top of the screen.

3. Click the Self-Registration link located under the Learner Management category.

Click Add Participant4. Click Add Participant.

Search by UA NetID5. Search for the participant you would like to add.

Tip: We recommend searching by the participant's UA NetID. Doing so will return the fewest, most accurate search results.

For Steps 6-10, please reference the image at the bottom of the screen.

6. Uncheck the box to the left of Send an enrollment email.

7. Check the box to the left of the participant you would like to add.

8. Use the Role drop down menu to select the role you'd like them to have.  You must choose a role to successfully add the user.  If you do not choose a role, D2L will enroll the user as "not enrolled" and the user will not appear in the Classlist or have access to the course.

9. Use the Section drop down menu to select the section you'd like them to have access to.

Please Note: Grader All Sections, Instructor, Instructor Read Only, Preceptor, Support Staff, and TA All Sections are automatically enrolled in ALL sections of a D2L course site regardless of the section selected in the drop down menu.

10. Click the Enroll button.

Add Participant Screen