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The University of Arizona

Creating Self Assessments

To create a self assessment you will need to be on the Self Assessments page (Course Admin Self Assessments). Once there you can create your Self Assessments as follows:

New Self Assessment button


1.  Click the New Self Assessment button

Settings page for new self assessment



2.  Enter a name for the Self Assessment

A.  Category (Optional) If you are using many self assessments in your course, you may want to categorize them so you can easily locate them in your course. To do so, click the Add Category link to create a new category, or select the existing category from the drop down menu.

B. (Optional) Check this box if you want to provide hints to students about how they might approach a particular question.  The actual hints are set up in the individual questions.

C. (Optional)  Click on the Expand Header/Footer link if you would like to enter information and/or images in the header and/or footer of the Self Assessment. You will need to change the Page Header and/or Page Footer to on if you want to display information in the header or footer. 












3.  Click Save

Add-Edit Questions Button for self assessments


4.  Click the Add/Edit Questions button that now appears above the name of the quiz.

New and import questions button fo r self assessments


5.  Click the Import button

The D2L team recommends building questions in the Question Library and importing them into the Quiz, Survey or Self Assessment.  Doing so makes it easier to use the same questions in different assessment tools.  Click here to go to the Question Library Tool Guide

The import instructions in this example are both to the left of the image and embedded on the image. Click on the image to get a larger view of the import questions screen.

6.  Import Source should be From an Existing Collection

7. Source Collection should be Question Library

8.  Source Section should be a Section (or folder) you have created in your Question Library.

9. Under Source Selection select the questions you want to include in the Self Assessment.

10.  Click Save