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The University of Arizona

Survey Properties

To create a new survey:

1. Click the New Survey button.

2. Enter the Name of the survey.

3. Optional: Use the Category drop down menu to select the category you'd like the survey listed in. If you haven't created any categories yet, you can click the add category link to create one.

4. Optional: Check the box under Feedback if you'd like to give participants instant feedback on their surveys. Selecting this option will remove the Submit option from a non-editable survey.

5. Optional: Check the box under Anonymous if you'd like all survey results to be anonymous.

Important: Once this option is selected, it is not reversible. A survey cannot be made anonymous if it has any release conditions or if any release conditions are ever created using the survey as one of the conditions.

6. To add questions to your survey, click the Add/Edit Questions button. For more information on adding questions to your survey, visit the Add/Edit Questions help page.

7. Optional: Enter a Description and/or Submission Message if you'd like. These fields are both located under Messages. By default, the Messages fields are collapsed, so you may need to click Expand messages to expand them.

8. Optional: Enter a Page Footer if you'd like. Information entered in the Page Footer field will display at the bottom of every page of the survey. By default, the Page Footer field is collapsed, so you may need to click Expand page footer to expand it.

9. Click one of the Save options at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. Moving to a different tab of the survey will also save the survey.

  • Save and Close: Saves your changes and returns you to the Surveys home screen.
  • Save: Saves any changes and stays on the same screen.

For additional survey settings, please visit the help pages for Survey Restrictions, Survey Reports Setup, and Survey Layout & Questions. Links to these pages can be found at the top, left of this page.