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Adding Participants

When creating or editing an Adobe Connect meeting you can manually add participants to your room in two ways: add individuals that exist within the D2L classlist and add Guests. If the individual you want to add is not enrolled in the D2L classlist, you will have to add them to the meeting as a Guest.  To learn more about adding participants to an Adobe Connect meeting, click the link below that corresponds with the type of enrollment you would like to do.


Please Note: It is not possible to add participants to an Office Hours meeting. Everybody enrolled in the course in D2L will have access to the Office Hours meeting by default.


Add Selected Individuals from your D2L Classlist to an Adobe Connect Meeting

The directions below assume that you have already created your Adobe Connect Course Meetings and/or Study Groups. If you have not, please visit either the Creating Course Meetings help page or the Creating Study Groups help page for directions on how to create a meeting.

To manually add select individuals from your D2L Classlist to Adobe Connect Course Meetings or Study Groups, do the following:




1. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the meeting you would like to edit, then select Edit from the drop down menu.

Participants Tab



2. Click the Participants tab.

Select an individual to add to the meeting





3. Click on the name of the individual in the Brightspace Available Users column that you would like to add to the meeting.

Select Add button to add selected indivdual






4. Click the blue Add button to add the individual to the Adobe Connect Participants column.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each individual you wish to add to your Adobe Connect meeting.

Select the Meetings List link to return to the list of meetings






6. When finished, click the blue Meetings List link in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the Meetings List page

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Add Guests to an Adobe Connect Meeting

To add an individual to your Adobe Connect Meeting we advise NOT using the Add Guest button (shown in the screenshot above) for a variety reasons. Instead, we suggest you do the following:




1. From the Meetings List page, click the drop down arrow to the right of the meeting you wish to add guests to, then select Edit from the drop down menu.

Configure Meeting room to allow guests by expanding the optional section, allowing anyone with guest acces, saving, and opening the custom URL2. If the Optional fields are not displayed, click the drop down arrow to the left of the word Optional to show the options.


3. Within the Access area, place a bullet next to Anyone who has the URL for the meeting.


4. Click the blue Save button.


5. Click the blue button to the right of the Custom URL field to open Copy to Clipboard page.

Copy the highlighted URL to the clipboard using Ctrl + C (for PC) or Command + C (for Mac), then select OK

6. With the URL highlighted (as shown in the screenshot at right), copy the URL using Ctrl + C (PC) or Command + C (Mac)

7. Click the blue OK button.

8. Open your preferred email account, and start a new email message.

9. Add the email address(es) of all desired guests to the To field.

10. Type Adobe Connect Meeting Invitation in the Subject line.

11. In the body of the email message type your desired greeting and details of when the meeting(s) is/are to be held, then paste the Custom URL to your Adobe Connect meeting using Ctrl + V (PC) or Command + V (Mac).

12. When you have finished composing your email click the Send button to complete the message. All recipients will now be able to join your meeting.

Tip:  In order to maintain your connection with the Adobe Connect integration do NOT refresh your page under any circumstance. Doing so will break your connection to the integration and produce error messages when you try to interact with it.

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