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Adobe Connect Overview


Adobe Connect is web conferencing software that allows faculty and students to interact in an online environment with the following features:

  • Audio/Video Conferencing - Using a webcam and/or microphone a host can be seen/heard during the session. Hosts can also opt to enable webcam and/or microphone functionality for participants, allowing for real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Chat - Text based chat is available in place of, or supplemental to, audio/video conferencing as an additional means of communication.
  • Whiteboard - Draw and type on a digital whiteboard. If desired, you can allow participants to interact with the whiteboard to make it a collaborative event.
  • Screen/Application Sharing - Share your computer screen as a whole, or select specific applications you would like to share. This allows participants to see files and applications on your computer as desired. This is especially helpful when demonstrating specialized or proprietary applications, or when showing files that shouldn't be distributed.
  • Document Sharing - Upload files for participants so they may download and reference them during the meeting.
  • Polling - Create polls using Multiple Choice, Multi-Select or Short Answer question types. View participant responses in real time and, if desired, broadcast the results to the room to view.
  • Q&A - Using the Q&A pod, participants can submit questions to be answered. Hosts may either answer the question(s) themselves or assign them to others to be answered. Alternately, Hosts can create questions and assign them to participants to answer.

To access Adobe Connect, click the UA Tools drop down menu and select Adobe Connect.

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For more information on how to create and manage Adobe Connect meetings, visit our help pages for Creating Online Meetings.