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The University of Arizona

Announcements Overview

The Announcements tool, formerly known as the News tool, is located on the Course Homepage and is the central area for participants to receive important information pertaining to your D2L course site. These messages may be created and published immediately, or may be scheduled for planned releases around important course dates. In addition to plain text, the Announcements tool allows you to add links, pictures, video, audio, files, and more to your post.

Tip: Participants do not have the ability to create, modify, or delete announcements, but they can dismiss an announcement if they no longer wish to see it. If you have modified an announcement since it was originally published, we advise checking the 'Major Edit' box when making your change. Doing so will force the announcement to reappear to all participants that have previously dismissed it. For more information about editing announcements please visit the Editing Announcements page.