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The University of Arizona

Assessing Topics

To assess a discussion topic:

1. Click the down arrow to right of the name of the discussion topic you'd like to assess, and select Assess Topic.

2. Click on the blue Topic Score link beneath the students name to view all messages they composed and any replies they made.

On the View Topic Score screen, you can do the following:

3. Read the participant's discussion post(s) in the Post area at the bottom of the screen.

4. Enter a score for the participant in the Topic Score field.

5. Optional: Leave feedback in the Feedback box.

6. Optional: Check the Published box to mark this participants score as graded and send the score to the gradebook. If you prefer to wait to send the scores to the gradebook until all participants have been assessed leave this box unchecked and use the Publish All Scores link to send all scores to the gradebook at the same time. For more information about how to Publish all Scores visit the Publish and Retract all Scores help page.

7. Click the Save and Close button to return to the list of participants.

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