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The University of Arizona

Checklist Overview

A checklist is a way to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete. A checklist may list all the items that need to be completed or it may have items appear as others items are checked off.
Each checklist contains one or more categories, into which checklist items are organized. For example, you might have an “Assignments” checklist with categories for written assignments and quizzes, both of which could have multiple items that need to be completed.

To access the Checklist tool, click the Course Admin link in the tan navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then, under the Assessment category, click Checklists.

Please Note: The Checklist tool is not loaded on course navigation bars by default. If you'd like to use this tool in your course, you will need to add a link to it on your course's navigation bar. For more information about modifying your course navigation bar, go to our Modifying Navbars help page.