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The University of Arizona

Copy Homepages

If you like the layout of an existing homepage template (such as the Default Course Homepage), but want to customize it, you should create a copy of the homepage, rather than create a new page from scratch, as it will provide you with a solid starting point for your homepage.

To make a copy of an existing homepage you will need to be on the Homepages page (Course Admin → Homepages). Once there you can make a coy of a Homepage as follows:

Homepage Dropdown menu copy button click to enlarge





1. Click the down arrow to the right of the homepage you would like to copy, then select Copy from the drop down menu

Homepage Dropdown menu copy button click to enlarge




2. Click on the blue text of the homepage copy that was created to enter the Edit Homepage screen.

3. Make all desired edits to your homepage copy. If you need assistance with editing your newly copied homepage please visit our Edit Homepages help page for detailed assistance with each field.

4. When you are ready to make your copied homepage visible at the Course Home you will need to set the page as active. For assistance with doing this visit the Set Active Homepage help page.

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