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The University of Arizona

Create Glossary Terms

To create a new Glossary term:

New Glossary Term button


1. Click the New Term button

Fill in the Glossary fields as follows:

New Glossary Term page


2. Enter a Glossary term in the Term field



3. Define the Glossary term in the Definition field





4. Optional: If you want to link the Glossary term to an existing content item you can do so in the Link to Content Topic drop down menu

5. If you would like to continue to create new terms, click the Save and New button. Otherwise, click the Save button when finished.

Please Note: Only members of the teaching team (Instructor, TA and Preceptor roles) are able to create Glossary Terms. If you want students to be able to contribute terms to the Glossary they will need to create a CSV file with the terms and definitions and provide that file to a member of the teaching team so that the file can be imported to the Glossary. For more information about importing Glossary terms, click the Import Glossary Terms link above.