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The University of Arizona

Create a new Award

1. Click the Course Admin link within your course navigation bar. Then under the Assessment category, click Award or by clicking the Awards link on your  course navigation bar if you added the tool too your course's navigation bar. 


Add Awards to Course link

2. Click on Course Awards.

3. Click the Add Award to Course button.


Create Awards Button

4. Click Create Award


new award description page image

5. Enter the new award Name and a Description

6. Chose to create a Badge or a Certificate under the Award Type menu.

7. Set the Availability for your award:

  • Select Make this award available to all of my course if you only want to make this award available in your other courses. 
  • Select Make this award available to other award creators and their courses if you want to share the award with others, specifically with the issuer role. And, you can further restrict the award to be shared with others, but within your courses, only selecting to Restrict award to Awards Playspace and it's child org units


Awards Expiration information settings
8. Optional: Select the expiry options: 

  • if the award will not expire, select Never. 
  • if the award will expire on a specific date, select Fixed date. 
  • if the award will expire on a day relative to the day the award was granted, select Relative Day of the Month. 
  • to notify the award recipients that the award will expire, select Notify Before Expiry and enter the number of days of lead time. 


awards image selection image

9. Chose an image for your award under the Choose Award Image: 

  • to select an image from the image library, click From Existing Library
  • to upload a new icon to the image library, select Upload New icon
  • To launch the free website that allows you to create custom icons, select Create your own award image

Please Note: When creating a Certificate, the Award Image is what icon will go on the certificate. The Certificate Template refers to the actual design of your award.


selecting a certificate template for awards image
10. If you are creating a new Certificate, you will have an additional option under Choose Certificate Template: 

  • to use an already existing PDF template, click From Existing Library.
  • to add a new template to the image library, click Upload New Template. When creating a Certificate: the Award Image is what icon will go on the certificate. The Certificate Template refers to the actual design of your award. 

Please Note: Certificate templates can be as large as 10 MB.


issuer information for awards image

11.Enter the Issuer Information. This information will display in the awards details when issuing the award. 

  • Issuer Name: Enter the name of the person issuing the award.
  • Issuer URL: you can use your courses URL or the University of Arizona's D2L URL: 
  • Issuer Contact: enter issuers email address 

12. Make sure that the Use this award now check box is selected to the current course, if you want to use it in the course site you are creating the award in.

13. click Save