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Create Widgets

To create a new widget for your custom homepage you will need to be on the Widgets page (Course Admin → Widgets). Once there you can create your Widget as follows:

Create Widget button





1. Click the Create Widget button.

New Widget Properties Tab - Name & Description


2. Name: Enter a name for your widget that uniquely identifies it. You will need to know what you named it later when you add it to your Course Home page.



3. Description: While this field is optional, we suggest typing in a description that identifies the function and/or purpose of the widget if the name doesn't sufficiently capture this information.

Widget Release Conditions Tab



4. If you want to restrict who can see this widget based on a specified condition or set of conditions click the Release Conditions tab and create the condition(s). Use the Create and Attach button to create new release conditions or the Attach Existing button to attach release conditions you have created previously in your course site. For more information about using Release Conditions see the Release Conditions help page.

Widget Content Tab

5. Click the Content tab.



6. Within the HTML editor you may add text, pictures, tables, videos, links and more to your D2L Widget.



7. Click the Customize Widget Style if you would like to customize the look of the title bar and body of your widget. For more information about customizing your widget visit the Customize Widgets Help Page and begin at step 2.



8. When you have finished editing your widget click the Save and Close button to exit the edit widget page.


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