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The University of Arizona

Creating Announcements

To create an Announcement:

1. Click the down arrow to the right of Announcements and select New Announcement.

2. Enter a Headline.

3. Enter your message in the Content field. You can use the HTML Editor to add links, images, video, sound recordings, etc.

4. Show Start Date: Select whether or not the start date and time of the announcement will be visible to participants.

5. Start Date (optional): Enter the date and time the announcement should first be visible to participants.

6. End Date (optional): If you would like to set and end date for the announcement, check the box to the left of Remove announcement based on end date, then enter the date and time the announcement should be removed from participants' view.

7. Attachments (optional):

  • Add a File: Allows file types such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc. to be added to the announcement as a downloadable file.
  • Record Audio: Allows you to record an audio clip up to 10 minutes long. This option requires you to have a functioning microphone and Adobe Flash installed on your computer.
  • Record Video: Allows you to record a video to accompany the announcement. There is a 10-minute maximum for video length. 

8. Additional Release Conditions (optional): Allows you to restrict access to the announcement based on whether one or more condition(s) have been met. For more, click here to visit our help pages on Release Conditions.

9. Save your announcement:

  • Click the Save as Draft button to save the announcement as a draft for later review. While in draft mode an announcement is not visible to course participants. To resume work on a draft announcement, see the Editing Announcements help page.
  • Click the Publish button to make the announcement immediately available to course participants.