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The University of Arizona

Creating Chats

To Open the Chat Tool

1. Select Course Admin from the course Navigation Bar

Course Admin TabClick to enlarge image

2. Click on the Chat tool

Course Admin TabClick to enlarge image

Note: If you want to use the chat tool in your class, you will have to add a chat tab to your course navigation bar. For instructions, visit the Modifying an Existing Navigation Bar help page.

To create a new chat:

1. Click the New Chat button.

New Chat Screen2. Enter a Title for the chat.

3. Select what Type of chat you'd like to create:

  • General Chat: All course participants have access
  • Personal Chat: Only participants you choose have access.

4. Enter a Description if you would like to share additional information about the chat.

5. Click the Create button.

6. If you've created a Personal Chat, click here for instructions about adding participants to your chat.