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Creating Course Meetings

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A Course Meeting is your primary classroom space.  Important things to know about Course Meetings in Adobe Connect:

  • If you record your class sessions for future viewing deleting the meeting will also delete the corresponding recordings.  

To create a Course Meeting, do the following:


Course Meetings Add Meeting button




1.  Click the Add Meeting button in the gray box below the Course Meetings heading.

New Meeting page2.  Name your meeting.  Remember to avoid dates or specific topics in the name if your meeting will persist throughout the course.

3.  Select the desired template.  Default Meeting Template will work fine for most meetings.

Optional: If you would like to modify the Optional settings for the room, continue on to step 4 otherwise, skip to step 10.

4. Click the down arrow to the right of the word Optional to display the optional settings.

5. Custom URL: If you would like to customize the URL used for your Course Meeting, type the desired name in the Custom URL field.

6. Summary: If desired, enter a summary of what the meeting room will be used for and what participants can expect from the meetings held there.

New Meeting - Optional Settings7. Start Time: If you would like to set a Start Date and Time, you can do so by selecting the desired date and time.

8. Duration: Select the length of time the meeting is expected to run for.

Please Note: The Start Time doesn't prevent participants from entering the meeting before the designated date and time. It should simply be used to relay the date and time the meeting is scheduled to begin. Likewise, the Duration option does not terminate the meeting after the designated time has passed. For this reason it should only be used to relay information to participants about the duration of the meeting.

9. Access: Choose one of the following 3 options:

  • Only registered users: Only individuals listed in the D2L classlist will be able to access the meeting.
  • Registered users and accepted guests(Default Option): Individuals in the D2L classlist, plus any guests added to the meeting can access the meeting.
  • Anyone who has the URL for the meeting:  Anybody with the URL can access the meeting. This doesn't require the individual to be enrolled in the D2L classlist or to be a registered guest. This is not a FERPA compliant option. For this reason, it shouldn't be used for mandatory classroom meetings.

10.  Click the blue Next button.

Sync Participants from D2L to Adobe Connect




11.  Click the blue refresh button to sync the Desire2Learn Available Users column up with the D2L classlist.

12.  Click the Sync Users button to ensure the Adobe Connect Participants column matches the Desire2Learn Available Users column.

13. Click the Finish button to complete your Adobe Connect Course Meeting. You will be returned to the Meetings List screen.  

Tip:  In order to maintain your connection with the Adobe Connect integration do NOT refresh your page under any circumstance. Doing so will break your connection to the integration and produce error messages when you try to interact with it.

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