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Creating a New Release Condition

Important Note: It is possible to create Release Conditions for different sections of a class. You can also create release conditions for any other subset of the classlist. To do that, you willl first have to use the Groups tool. Once you have created your Group(s), they will appear as an available release "condition". For more on creating groups, visit our D2L help pages on Groups.

To create a brand new release condition:

Click the Create and Attach button1. Click the Create and Attach button.

Image of Create and Browse buttonsImportant Note: In the Content tool, the buttons have a different name and order. Use Create for a new release condition.

Select Condition Type2. Use the Condition Type drop down menu to select what area to restrict by.

Select Condition Details3. The Condition Details drop down menu will update based on what was selected for Condition Type. Select the specfic requirement.

Click the Create Button4. Based on what was selected above, additional information may be required. Once all information has been entered, click the Create button.

Users Must Satisfy Drop Down Menu5. Once a release condition has been attached, a new menu that allows you to set how conditions must be met will become active. This menu is only relevant if you have more than one condition attached. If so, select one of the following options:

  • All conditions must be met
  • Any condition must be met. Selecting Any condition must be met means that a participant must satisfy only one of the conditions listed to access the restricted course material or activity.

6. Click one of the Save options at the bottom of the screen to save your changes:

  • Save and Close: Saves any changes and returns you to the Manage Grades screen.
  • Save: Saves any changes and stays on the same screen.

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