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Creating Numeric Grade Items

Video Help

Numeric grade items can be used to assign a number value for participants' scores. To create a Numeric Grade item:

1. Make sure you're in Manage Grades. Manage Grades is the default landing page in the Grades tool, but you can change this preference in Personal Display Options.

2. Click the New button and select Item.

3. Select Numeric from the list of available Grade item types.

4. Enter the Grade Item Name.

5. Enter a Short Name for the Grade Item if you'd like. The Short Name is only visible to members of the Teaching Team with access to the grade book.

6. Use the Category drop down menu to select a Category if you'd like the Grade Item to belong to a Category.

7. Enter a Description if you'd like to share additional information about the Grade Item. By default, the Description field is collapsed, so you may need to click Show Description to expand it.

8. Enter the Max Points possible for the Grade Item. If the Grade Item belongs to a Category, this option may be grayed out depending on Category Settings.

9. (Weighted Grading System Only) Enter the Weight the Grade Item should contribute to its parent Category or Final Grade. If the Grade Item belongs to a Category, this option may be grayed out depending on Category Settings. 

10. Check the box under Can Exceed if participants will have the possibility of earning more than the maximum points set in Step 8.

11. Check the box under Bonus if this will be an extra credit Grade Item. Bonus Grade Items are not included in the maximum points for a category or final grade. They are added on top of the calculated grade.

12. (Points Grading System Only) Check the box under Exclude from Final Grade Calculation if you do not want the Grade Item to be included in the Final Grade.

13. Use the Grade Scheme drop down menu to select a custom Grade Scheme if you have previously created one.

14. Click the Add Rubric button to attach a Rubric to the Grade Item. It is recommend that you create the Rubric first in the Rubrics tool.

15. Override the grade book's set Display Options by checking the box next to the display option(s) you'd like the Grade Item to have. By default, Display Options is collapsed, so you may need to click Show Display Options to expand it. You can review the grade book's display options by going to Class Display Options.

16. Click one of the Save options at the bottom of the screen to save your changes:

  • Save and Close: Saves any changes and returns you to the Manage Grades screen.
  • Save and New: Saves any changes and allows you to begin creating a new grade item/category.
  • Save: Saves any changes and stays on the same screen.

Tip: You can restrict access to the Category using options on the Restrictions tab. Visit our Visibility Restrictions and/or Release Condition Restrictions help pages for more information.