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Creating Panopto Content

This page covers the basics of creating sessions in Panopto. A session is essentially a video within Panopto.  Common sessions are a recording, for example of a lecture or demonstration, or an uploaded video from your computer.   By clicking on the 'Create' button, you will be able to select one of the different options for creating a session in Panopto.  For more information on the types of sessions, click on the numbered links below.

Options for creating sessions:

Image showing create button in Panopto

1. Record a new session - This is the option that will allow you to record.

Before you begin recording, you will need to download and install the Panopto recorder.  (Windows Instructions)  (Macintosh Instructions)  Once you have installed the recorder, return to Panopto via your D2L course, click the Create button, select Record a New Session and select the Panopto Recorder to launch it.  You only need to install the recorder once.  

Once in the Recorder, choose a folder if the default folder is not correct, name the session and select your recording sources. When you are ready to record, click on the red Start button in the recorder to begin recording. Once you are finished, click the Stop button, and your recording will automatically upload to your folder.  

image of Panopto Recorder

Please Note: Make sure to log back into D2L and open Panopto through UA Tools every time you open the Recorder so your D2L login information is passed to Panopto automatically.

The following information will assist you in getting started with Recording in Panopto: 

To download a Quick Start Guide for using Panopto please click: Quick Start Guide: Using Panopto.


  • Student Recording: Instructors are automatically mImage of overview page showing Dropbox for Studentsade Panopto creators, and students become the viewers by default. However, if you want students to create videos for the course, you can create a subfolder, called Drop Box, within Panopto, where students can create videos on their own. To learn more, please visit Drop Box (Student Recordings). 

2. Upload video -This option will allow you to upload a single video, or multiple videos.

3. Webcast - This option will create a URL for you to live broadcast.

4. Scheduled recording - This option will allow you to schedule a day and time for a remote recorder.   If interested in scheduling regular recordings please contact Classroom Technology Services

5. Build a session - This option will allow you to upload multiple videos and PowerPoint files to create a Panopto session.

6New Folder - This option will create a new folder on the server that you can use to upload and/or record to.

 For more in depth information of the different options for creating session in Panopto, visit Panopto 'Create' Button Help Pages.