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The University of Arizona

Creating Registers

An attendance register is a grouping of attendance sessions. For example, if you plan to track daily class attendance, you would have a single attendance register for Class Attendance that would contain individual sessions for each date your class meets.

To create an attendance register:

1. Click the New Register button.

2. Enter a Name for your attendance register.

3. You may enter a Description for the attendance register if you choose.

4. Use the Attendance Scheme drop down menu to select the attendance scheme you'd like your attendance register to use.

Tip: The System Scheme, D2L's default attendance scheme, is Present = 100% and Absent = 0%. If you would like to use a custom attendance scheme, you can find instructions for creating one on our Creating Attendance Schemes help page.

5. You may enter a Cause for Concern value if you choose.

Information: When a participant reaches, or falls below, the Cause for Concern percentage, they will be flagged, making it easier for you to contact participants that are not meeting your course requirements.

6. If you would like participants to be able to view the attendance register, make sure the box to the left of Allow users to view this attendance register is checked.

7. Under Users select which participants will be tracked in the attendance register.

  • Include all users in the course: All participants will be tracked
  • Include all users in the following groups/sections: Only participants in the selected groups or sections will be tracked. If this option is selected, use the Add Groups/Sections button to select the groups or sections to be tracked.

8. Enter names for each of your sessions.

9. You may enter a Session Description for each of your sessions if you choose.

10. By default, D2L provides you with three sessions for your attendance register. If you would like more than three, enter the number of additional sessions you would like in the Add Sessions field and then click the Add Session link.

11. Click the Delete icon to the right of a session to remove it from the attendance register.

12. You may use the Order drop down menus to change the order of your sessions if you choose.

13. Click the Save button to save your attendance register.