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The University of Arizona

D2L Course Site Access Policies

D2L Instructor/Teaching Team Access Policy

Instructors will have access to a D2L course site only if the course's offering department has listed them as a Primary Instructor in UAccess. Instructors must still request a D2L course site as D2L course sites are only built upon request. Once the request has been submitted and the D2L course site has been created, all people listed in UAccess as Primary Instructors for that course will be automatically added to the D2L course site with Instructor access.

If additional members of the Teaching Team require access to a D2L course site, they will need to be manually added by someone that currently has Instructor access to that site. Anyone with Instructor access has the appropriate permissions to manually add someone to a D2L course site.

All Instructors and Teaching Team members will be automatically unenrolled from a D2L course site approximately two years after the end date of the course. This is in compliance with D2L's Purge Policy.

D2L Student Access Policy

Only students that are officially registered for a section that is connected to a D2L course site will be added to that D2L course site with the role of Student. Student enrollments are updated at scheduled intervals throughout the day; D2L enrollments are NOT real time.

On a case-by-case basis, requests from Instructors for manual enrollment of students in a D2L course site will be considered only for:

  • Groups conducting work that is not associated with credit-bearing courses
  • Students finishing work in a current D2L course site to satisfy the requirements for an Incomplete grade earned during their prior enrollment in the course.

D2L course sites are made active to students one week before a semester/session starts and inactive five weeks into the next regular semester. This means that student access to Fall and Winter D2L course sites will be removed after the 5th week of the Spring semester. Access to Spring and Summer D2L course sites will be removed after the 5th week of the Fall semester. This timeline is in compliance with the Grade Appeal Policy as outlined by the UA Registrar's Office.

Additional D2L Course Site Access

The following groups of people have access to D2L course sites, but they do not appear in any Classlist. Their access is automatic and does not require Instructor approval.

  • D2L Administrators: Members of the D2L Support Team are able to access and edit ALL D2L course sites. They do not intervene in a course unless specifically requested by a member of the Teaching Team.
  • OIA's Online Instructional Consultants and the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) Instructional Designers : The OIA's Consultants as well as ODL Instructional designers have access and can edit ALL D2L course sites.  They do not intervene in a course unless they are specifically working with an instructor on a course.
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC) Staff: Members of the DRC Staff have access to D2L course sites that have one or more students registered for document conversion accomodations.
  • Department Administrators: Certain departments on campus have staff members who help faculty maintain their course sites. Their abilities to access and edit the course sites within their departments may vary.


Last Updated: September 2015