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Delete a quiz

Important: Deleting a quiz will delete not only the quiz itself, but also all participant attempts and any questions that were built directly in the quiz (as opposed to the Question Library). Before deleting a quiz, please be certain that you no longer need any questions or quiz attempts that may exist within it. To prevent losing questions when deleting a quiz be sure to build your questions within the Question Library.  If you have already built the questions in the quiz you can import them into the Question Library to preserve them. For more information about the Question Library please visit the Question Library help page.


There are two ways to Delete a quiz:

Option 1: Delete multiple quizzes at once

Option 2: Delete a single quiz

Delete One or More Quizzes at Once

Delete Quizzes button Click to enlarge image




1. Click the check box(es) next to the quiz (or quizzes) you wish to delete.

Delete Quizzes page




2. Click on the down arrow to the right of More Actions and select Delete.

Delete Quiz Confirmation



3. Click the Yes button to confirm the deletion.

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Delete a Single Quiz

1. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the quiz to be deleted and select Delete.





2.  A pop-up Confirmation window will appear.  Click the Delete button to confirm.

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