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The University of Arizona

Editing Meetings

To edit existing Course meetings, Office Hours and/or Study Groups do the following:



1. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the meeting you would like to edit, then select Edit from the drop down menu.

Tip:  Only the individual who created the Office Hours meeting can edit it. If you do not see the Edit option for the Office Hours meeting this is likely the reason.

2. Make any desired changes to the Meeting Information page. For a description of each option, visit the Creating Meetings help page that corresponds with the type of meeting you are editing.

3. If you would like to modify the meeting attendees, click the Participants tab, make any desired changes, then click the Meeting Information tab to return to the meeting settings.

4. Click the blue Save button to complete the edits. You will be returned to the Meetings List screen.

Tip:  In order to maintain your connection with the Adobe Connect integration do NOT refresh your page under any circumstance. Doing so will break your connection to the integration and produce error messages when you try to interact with it.