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The University of Arizona

Editing Self Assessments

To edit a self assessment you will need to be on the Self Assessments page (Course Admin → Self Assessments). Once there, you can edit your Self Assessments as follows:

Self Assessment dropdown menu; options are edit and preview



1. Click the icon at the to the immediate right of the name of the assessment you wish to edit, select the Edit option.

Self Assessment Configuration screen



2. Make any desired edits to the name, category, allow hints, header and/or footer.  For more information about these options visit: the Creating Self Assessments page.

Edit self assessment screenwith Add/Edit Question button circled



3. To edit questions in the assessment click on the Add/Edit Questions button at the top of the Edit Self Assessment screen.

Edit questions screen in assessments, import button circled4. To add more questions to the Assessment click the Import button and select the desired questions from the Question Library.  For information on importing questions view steps 6-10 on the Creating Self Assessments help page.

Import Edit questions screen delete circled click to enlarge

5. To delete all the questions in the assessment, check the box to the left of the move icon to select all the questions, then click Delete.

Add/Edit questions, individual questions selected, Delete button circled clcik to enlarge

6. To delete selected questions from the assessment, check the box next to the question(s), then click Delete.

Add/Edit questions screen, Done Editing Questions button circled7. When finished, click  Done Editing Questions.