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The University of Arizona

Emailing All Participants

To email all participants in your Classlist at one time:

1. Click the Email Classlist button.

2. Make sure User is selected in the View By drop down menu. If it wasn't already selected, you will need to click the Apply button to refresh the participant list.

3. At the bottom of the list of participants, click the blue Send Email button.

4. A Compose New Message window will open addressed to your course's participants, including members of the teaching team.

Information: All email addresses will be listed in the Bcc field. This is done so that participants do not see a long list of email addresses in the To field when they are viewing the email message.

5. You may enter a Subject for the email message if you like.

6. Use D2L's HTML editor to enter the text of the email.

7. If you would like to attach a file to your email message, you can drag and drop the file in the Target area or you can click the Upload button.

8. Once your email message is complete, click the Send button located at the top of the screen.