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Embedding and Recording Panopto Videos to D2L Content

You can insert exisiting Panopto videos directly into an html page in content by using the Insert Stuff tool in the html editor as well as record and insert a Panopto video directly in an html page.

Insert an existing Panopto video into an HTML page in content
Record and insert a Panopto video into an HTML page in content


Insert an Existing Video into Content

To provide the easiest  access to Panopto Videos insert the video in an HTML page.  You can insert more than one video on an HTML page, but if you insert too many the page will load very slowly.  Best practice is to limit the number of Panopto videos on a page to no more than 3.

men u of options for creating new conent in a module in Conent in D2L





1.  Within a module in Content, create a new HTML file

screenshot of a new html file Enter Title box circled and the insert stuff button circled



2.  Enter a title for the HTML

3.  Click on page and click on the Insert Stuff button.(click here for instructions on how to record a Panopto video)

screenshot of the options on the insert stuff page while creating a new HTML file in content





4.  Select Panopto from the list of options on the left side of the page.



5.  Select the Panopto video you would like to embed by clicking the check box to the left of the video


6.  Click on the Insert button

Please Note: You can only select one video at at time.  If you want to insert more than one on a page you will need to go through the steps again for each additional video.







7.  You now have a preview of the embedded video.  Click Publish to finish.






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Recording and Inserting a Panopto video into Content

Follow steps 1 - 3 above under Insert an Existing Video in Content..  This will get you to the Panopto interface.

Panopto record options in insert stuff html editor click ot enlarge


1.  Click on Record tab

2.  Enter the name of the recording

3.  Click on the Record button.  A box should pop up asking you if you want to launch Panopto Recorder, click on Panopto Recorder and click on the open link button

Note: If you do not have the Panopto recorder installed, you will need to download it and install if before you can record.



laungch Panopto recourder box, Panopto listed and a Open link button to click




4.  When the Launch Application window pops up click on Panopto Recorder





5.  Click Open link to launch the recorder


The Panopto Recorder launches


Panopto controls from within insert stuff tool in html editor including videoo, audio and which screens to record click to enlarge




6.  Select whether you want to record audio and or video

7.  Select which screen(s) and or if you are capturing a Powerpoint Presentation

8.  Click on the Record button







Panopto invervace Stop button circled click to enlarge.

9.  Clilck on the Stop Button














Recording complete window Uupload button circled click to enlarge

10.  Click on the Upload button














Screenshot of upload screen with video in queue x to close circled click to enlarge


11.  The next screen shows the progress of uploading and processing the video.  You can close this window at atny time by clicking on the X in the top right corner




Screen shot of the video in the queue for processing clcik to enlarge





12.  Click on the Insert button





screen shot of the second insert button circled


13,  Click on the Insert button one more time.








Secreenshot of the final screen for completing the insert process, with the insert button circled click to enlarge


14.  Click on the Publish button as the final step.


The video may still be processing depending on the length.  When the video is finished processing there will be a play button to begin playing the video imbedded in the HTML page








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