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The University of Arizona

From an Existing Collection

To Import questions that exist only within a Quiz, Survey or Self Assessment to your Question Library do the following:

Button to Import Questions to Section




1. Click on the name of the section you want to import your questions to. If you have not yet created the Question Section you would like to import the questions to, visit the Question Section help page for help creating a new section.

Button to Import Questions to Section


2. Click the Import button.

Import Questions to a Quiz Section


3. Leave the Import Source as From an Existing Collection.

4. From the Source Collection select the Quiz or Survey containing the questions needing to be imported.

5. From the Source Section drop down menu, select the Collection Root to see all questions within the Quiz or Survey, or select a specific section within the Collection Root if you need only a specific grouping of questions.

6. The questions from the specified section will appear below the Source Collection area. Place a check mark next to each question you would like imported to the Question Library. If you would like to use all questions displayed, check the checkbox next to the Section folder in order to select all.

7.  When finished, click the Save button.