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The University of Arizona

Filter Options

Within the Manage Dates tool you have the option to filter which tools, items and activities appear. If you would like to limit what is displayed you may filter by the following options:

Manage Dates Filter Options

1. Tools: By default all tools are displayed. To filter by tool type place the bullet next to Specific Tools and uncheck the boxes next to any tools you do not want to display.

2. Name: To filter what is displayed by the name of the item or activity check the box under Name. Next, select where to search for the the name using the options available in the drop down menu. Finally, enter the name in the text field at right.

3. Start Date & End Date: To filter by date, check the box(es) next to Start Date and/or End Date. Next, select how to filter the dates from the options available in the drop down menu. Finally, enter the date(s) you are filtering by.

4. Duration: To filter by the number of days the iteml or activity is available place a check mark under the Duration section, select the appropriate option from the drop down menu and enter the number of days in the text field.

5. Calendar Status: If you would like to filter by whether the item or activity is displayed in the calendar check the box under Calendar Status and select from  the drop down menu as desired.

6. Apply Filter: Once you have set your filter(s) from the above choices click the Apply Filter button.

Tip: If you are not seeing items 2-5 above on your screen click the blue link below item 1 that reads Show Advanced Filter Options.