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The University of Arizona

Final Grade Properties

The properties of both the Final Calculated Grade and Final Adjusted Grade can be accessed from either Manage Grades or Enter Grades.

Click either Final Grade nameTo access Final Grade Properties from Manage Grades, click either Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade:

Please Note: If you have previously renamed either of the Final Grades, they will be listed in Manage Grades with the name(s) you have given.

Select EditTo access Final Grade Properties from Enter Grades, click the down arrow to the right of either Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade and select Edit.

Final Grade Properties ScreenThe Final Grades Properties screens allow you to:

  • Rename the Final Grade
  • Enter a Short Name for the Final Grade that will appear in your view of the grade book.
  • Select whether or not the Final Grade Can Exceed the maximum total points.
  • Select a Grade Scheme to use.
  • Choose Display Options if you'd like the appearance of the Final Grade to be different from other grade items.