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The University of Arizona

Getting Started

Instructors and Faculty  


Clickers are interactive student response systems that allow students to participate in demonstrations, find out whether they understand a particular concept or idea, and examine their preferences and opinions.Clickers also allow instructors to get a snapshot of whether most students in the class understand particular concepts, and which areas they need to spend more time on or review. So the clickers are useful in helping students to learn and in helping instructors to teach more effectively.

If you are new to Turning Technologies Clickers and want to incorporate this technology into your course(s) the best thing to do first is to schedule a meeting with the staff at OIA to get an introduction to the technology. Contact Josh Butcher at to schedule this meeting.

During this initial meeting you will be given an Instructor's Kit, shown how to download and install the TurningPoint software, and given a brief overview of how the different polling options work and how it integrates with D2L.

Here is a syllabus template Word document discussing clicker usage in UA Courses. You can download and edit it as you need. 

Syllabus Template for Clicker Usage in UA Courses