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Grading by Users

To grade a quiz by participant:

1. Click the down arrow to the right of the quiz you would like to grade and select Grade.

You will arrive on Users tab of the Grade quiz page. Within this tab the following options exist:

2. Export to CSV file: Click this button if you would like to export the results of the quiz attempts to a CSV file. The Users and Attempts tabs generate the same CSV file.

3. Export to Excel: Click this button if you would like to export the results of the participants' quiz attempts directly into an Excel spreadshee. The Users and Attempts tab generate the same Excel spreadsheet.

Grade by Users screen

4. Export Event Logs: Click this button if you would like to export the event log to a CSV file. The Users and Attempts tab generate the same CSV file. This file contains the following information:

  •     Names of those who took a quiz attempt
  •     The date of each user attempt
  •     The time each user entered a quiz, saved an answer/page, submitted their quiz, and completed their quiz

5. Display Options: Click this button if you want to modify what is displayed in the list of quiz results. Options include: Id, Quiz Score, Percent, Completed (Date & Time), and Allow Reset (Displays checkboxes under Published column).

6. View By: This option allows you to specify whether to view quiz results by User, Groups or Sections. To switch what you are viewing by select the desired option, then click the Apply button.

7. Search For: If you would like to search for the quiz attempt of a specific participant type in their first and/or last name, then click the Search Glass button.

8. Restrict to: If you would like to filter which quiz attempts are shown based on the status of the participant's quiz attempt click the down arrow to the right of Restrict to, then select one of the following options:

  • All Users: Displays all participants.
  • Users who have not taken an attempt: Displays only participants who have not yet attempted the quiz.
  • Users who have completed an attempt: Displays only participants who have completed a quiz attempt.
  • Users with attempts in progress: Displays only participants who started a quiz but have not submitted it. This option is helpful if you want to view any quizzes that participants started and thought they fully submitted but didn't.
  • Users with an overall score: Displays only participants who have an overall score. An attempt will only show up under this option if is marked as graded.
  • Users who have previewed attempts: Displays quiz attempts made by those who have previewed the quiz and selected the Allow this preview attempt to be graded in the Grade Quiz area check box. For more information about previewing a quiz visit the Quiz Preview help page. Students cannot preview a quiz.

Once you have selected the desired Restrict to options click the Search Glass button to return the results.

Select participant quiz attempt




9. Once you have the desired list of participant quiz attempts click on the attempt # link beneath the participant's name to view their quiz attempt.

You will arrive at the Grade Attempt page. Before beginning the grading process it is worth noting the following:

Select attempt and view quiz event logAttempt: If the participant took multiple attempts at the quiz you can use this option to easily switch between attempts or to view the participant's completion summary.

Quizzes Event Log: Click this link if you would like to view how the participant interacted with the quiz during this attempt. The Event Log displays information pertaining to when a participant first started the quiz, when they saved questions and pages of questions, when they moved from page to page, if they re-entered the quiz, and when the quiz was submitted. Check the show IP address box if you want to see the IP address of the computer they were on when taking the quiz. This is useful if you want to identify if a participant changed computers or internet locations when re-entering the quiz.

Options for grading a participants quiz attempt10. Auto-Grade: By default D2L auto-grades all quiz attempts and questions with the exception of Written Reponse questions and quiz attempts submitted late to a quiz using the quiz restriction Use Late Limit of __ minutes:. Since Written Response questions are subjective D2L is unable to grade them so they are assigned a score of 0. To correct this you will need to manually score each question (see bullet 13). If the quiz attempt needs to be auto-graded because it was submitted late you can have D2L auto-grade the quiz by clicking the Auto-Grade button. On the confirmation page that opens click the Yes button to override all existing scores for the quiz attempt.

11. Final Score: This field contains the calculated sum of all points across all questions in the quiz. If you want to alter the final score without modifying the scores for individual questions you may enter the score here directly.

12. Student View Preview: This allows you to see how the quiz score will appear to the participant when viewing their quiz submission.

13. Graded: Check this box to mark the quiz as graded if you want the participant to be able to view their score in the quiz submission screen and/or gradebook.

14. Attempt Feedback: You may enter feedback for the participant's full quiz attempt in this field. If you prefer to leave feedback on specific questions, you can do so by clicking the Expand question feedback link beneath each question.

15. Score: The Score field exists beneath each question in the quiz. To manually grade a question type the desired score directly into this field.

Grade Quiz 'Save and Close' and 'Save' buttons16. When you have finished scoring this quiz attempt click the Save and Close button to save your changes and return to the list of quiz attempts or click the Save button to save your changes and remain within this quiz attempt.

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