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The University of Arizona

Import/Export/Copy Components Overview

Using Import/Export/Copy Components, you can:

Copy Components: This option allows you to copy materials from one D2L course site to another, so long as you are enrolled as Instructor in both the site you are copying from and the site you are copying to. We recommend using this option instead of Export Components when copying materials between D2L course sites that have been taught at the U of A within the past 2 years.

Export Components: This option allows you to export all or part of your D2L course site to a ZIP package for later use. This is useful if you want to preserve the materials for use at a future date that is past the Archive and Purge time frame or if you would like to use these materials at another institution.

Import Components: This option allows you to import ZIP packages previously exported through Export Components.

To access Import/Export/Copy Components, click the Course Admin link in the tan navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then, under the Site Resources category, click Import/Export/Copy Components.

Click the Import/Export/Copy Components link