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The University of Arizona

Intelligent Agents Overview

An Intelligent Agent provides automated notifications to instructors, administrators, individual students, and/or subgroups of students when one or more of the following occurs:

  • Some defined activity is completed
  • Participants do not log into D2L for a specified period of time
  • Participants do not access the course page for a specified period of time

Tip: Use an intelligent agent when it does not make sense to use a D2L notification, news announcement, personally crafted email, discussion posting, or other form of communication.

To create or manage intelligent agents, click on the Course Admin tool in the course navigation bar and select the Intelligent Agents tool.

Select Course Admin from the course navigation bar

Tip: Intelligent Agents are one way to provide informal feedback students. For example, it is possible to reach out to students who do not complete an Assignment or who score poorly on a Quiz. Consider using Intelligent Agents as a means for providing informal feedback during your course but be careful, however, not to over use them so as not to flood students with emails.