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The University of Arizona

Move Questions

To effectively utilize your Question Library it is important to maintain a level of organization. This will make the process of importing questions from the Question Library into a quiz much easier, as you will be able to easily locate the question(s) you want to import.

Please Note: The information on this page assumes you have already created questions and sections but that the questions were not placed in a section or were not placed in the correct section. For more information about creating sections please visit the Creating Question Sections help page. From within that help page you can use the menu at the left side of the page to get assistance with creating specific types of questions.

To move questions into a section (or from one section to another), do the following:

Move Question button



1. Check the box(es) next to each question you want to move to a specific section (folder).



2. Click the Move button located at either the top or bottom of the list of questions.

Select destination to move selected items to




3. Click on the name of the section that you want to move the question(s) to.

You will be automatically taken back to the Question Library. You will not receive a confirmation message, but the selected question(s) and/or sections(s) have been moved to the desination you selected in step 3.