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The University of Arizona

Multi-Edit quizzes

To edit multiple quizzes simultaneously:

Bulk Edit button



1. Place a check mark next to each quiz you want to edit, then click the Bulk Edit link (next to the picture of two pencils).

The Bulk Edit page contains the following options:

2. If you would like to rename your quizzes, do so in the Name field.

3. If you would like assign your quizzes to an existing category select the desired category from the drop down menu. If you need to create a new category click the blue add category link. For more information about Quiz categories, visit the Quiz Categories help page.

4. If you would like to toggle a quiz between active and inactive status do so by checking or unchecking the checkbox in the Active column for each quiz.

5. If you would like to modify how many attempts participants are allowed to take a quiz you may do so through drop down menus in the Attempts Allowed column.

6. When finished, click the Save button to save your edits.

Bulk Edit Quizzes page