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The University of Arizona

Panopto Settings

The following covers the basic settings for the sessions. There are various settings you can access by hovering over your session, and selecting 'Settings'. 

Image of Panopto All Sessions page

This list of Settings includes:

1. Overview: Provides session information, allows you to enter a description, and provides you with links to other actions such as Share, Edit, and Resume. Most importantly, it proves you with Availability options so that you can decide when and for how long the session is available to be seen, if applicable. 

2. Share: Provides Share Options, such as session link, embed code, and permissions, as well as the option to invite people to the session. 

3. Outputs: Provides various output formats and ways to access them, for more information visit the Outputs page. 

4.StreamsCombined with HD recording, Adaptive streaming helps a presenter deliver the best possible experience to users on connections ranging from 3G wireless to gigabit LAN. 

5. Caption: Provides the ability to upload Captions. For more information visit the Captions page. If you need assistance with captioning a video you can contact the University of Arizona Disability Resource Center.

6. Manage: Provides the ability to Merge, Copy and delete a session. 

7. Log: Provides a detailed Activity Log