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Release Conditions


Release Conditions allow you to restrict who can access course materials, complete activities, or view a grade item based upon customized criteria. Release conditions are available within a number of different D2L tools and work essentially the same way in every tool, although you may have to access them differently.

Note: To let you know that an item has release conditions attached to it, D2L uses this icon: Release Conditions icon

Potential Uses:

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Require students to visit a topic in the Content tool before they can post to a Discussion board
  • Restrict a Discussion board so that only members of an honors section can access it
  • Require students to submit an Assignment before they can take a Quiz
  • Require that students receive a certain score on an Assignment rubric before they can view a topic in the Content
  • Restrict an Announcement so that only students who failed a Quiz can view it

There are a lot of possibilities! These are just some of the things you can do using Release Conditions.

Important Note: Students cannot see release conditions. You may have to notify participants about the existence of a release condition and what it requires of them.

Where are release conditions?

You attach the release condition to whatever course announcement, activity, intelligent agent, or grade you wish to conditionally release to students. That means you will attach the release condition when you create or edit an item that you want to remain closed to students until they meet the conditions for its release (with the exception of Intelligent Agents which use release conditions to locate participants). For specifics about where to find release conditions for a specific tool, navigate to the associated help pages or click on the embedded links below (you may have to scroll down after opening the help page):