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The University of Arizona

Requesting a D2L playspace, development site or non-term course site



How to Request a D2L Playspace, Development site or Non-Term course site

This page will provide directions for requesting D2L course sites for courses NOT appearing in the UA Schedule of Classes.

Note: If you need to request D2L course sites for courses appearing in the UA Schedule of Classes, please see the help page: How to request a D2L course site.

D2L Course Site Request Login Page

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1. Go to and log in using your UA NetID and password.

Note You must be listed as a Primary Instructor in UAccess for at least one course to be able to log into Course Site Request. If you are not listed as a Primary Instructor in UAccess, please email the D2L Support team at



After logging in, you will arrive at the Welcome page. On this page:

2. Click the Request a D2L playspace, development site or non-term course site link.

3. Follow the prompts provided in the form. This will vary depending on how you answer the questions.

A few important things to know about the prompts:

  • If you need to be able to manually enroll students in the D2L course site select Yes to the first question.
    • In order for students to be able to access D2L they must have a UA NetID. If all students will have a UA NetID you can select Yes to the second prompt. If they won't you will be prompted to contact the D2L support team for assistance.
    • In order to be given a role that allows you to enroll individuals you must read and agree to the terms provided.

If your path takes you to a place where you can title your course site:

4. Enter the desired course site name and select the Department it should be nested within. 

5. Click Submit.


What Next?

Your request will be emailed to the UA D2L Support team. They will contact you within 24 hours.