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Resetting Quiz Attempts

There are instances when you may want to reset a participant's quiz attempt to allow them another attempt at the quiz without granting a second attempt to the whole class. Some examples of when you may encounter the need to do this:

  • A participant clicks 'Start Quiz', then closes the browser thinking the time limit for the quiz will not count down until they resume their quiz. When they attempt to resume their quiz their are not able to because the quiz is past the time limit.
  • A participant takes the quiz, answering each question, but never saves their answers and never submits the quiz.
  • A participant started an untimed quiz, exited the quiz with the intention of returning to it later, and in the mean time you identified and corrected one or more problem questions. When they resume their quiz the question(s) you updated are no longer in their quiz because they have been updated to newer versions. Since the newer versions of the questions do not exist in the quiz the participant is taking, they are unable to answer them.
  • A participant has a reason to request a reset of their attempt that you find valid and you want to grant them another attempt at taking the quiz.

Please Note: Resetting a participant's quiz attempt deletes the attempt completely. Any answers the participant provided and any score they received on the quiz attempt will be deleted. Please only proceed if this is the desired outcome. If you simply want to grant this specific individual a second attempt at the quiz, while retaining the first, there is an alternative way to do this. If this is the case, please contact the D2L support team using the Report a Problem form.

To reset a participant's quiz attempt:

1. Click the down arrow to the right of the quiz you would like to reset an attempt for and select Grade.




2. From within the Users tab locate the individual whose quiz attempt you would like to reset, then place a checkmark to the left of the quiz attempt you would like to reset (attempt 1 in the screenshot at right).


3. Click the blue trash can icon (there is one at both the top and bottom of the student list.

Reset Quiz attempt confirmation window


4. Click the Yes button on the confirmation window to approve resetting the attempt and deleting all data within the attempt.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for any additional participant attempts you would like to reset. When finished you can return to the Quizzes tool by clicking the Quizzes link in the main navigation.

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