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The University of Arizona

Special Access for Quizzes

Note that this page picks up from Special Access section of the Quiz Restrictions help page. Special Access allows you to provide selected participants with availability and time limits for a quiz that are different from the rest of the participants. This is the option that provides special accommodations for DRC students.

To set special access for specifed participants, navigate to the Restrictions tab for the quiz of interest.

Add Users to Special Access button1. Select the Type of Access you'd like to allow:

  • Allow selected users special access to this quiz: All course participants except those listed under special access will have access to the quiz during the above set dates/time. Participants listed under special access will have access to the quiz for whatever availability and timing has been specified for them.
  • Allow only users with special access to see this quiz: ONLY participants listed under special access will have access to the quiz for whatever availability and timing has been specified for them. The quiz will be closed to all other course participants.

2. Click the Add Users to Special Access button to select and assign special access to specific course participants.

Tip: Before assigning special access, click the Save button on your quiz to save any availability or timing you have already set for the quiz. Doing so will automatically populate those settings on the special access screen. This allows you to only change what should be different instead of having to re-enter all the information.

Special Access Properties page3. Date Availability: If you would like to assign special Start and/or End Dates for selected participants, modify the Start Date and/or End Date fields to match the dates and times you would like the selected participants to have access to the quiz.

4. Timing: This section allows you to configure the time limits for the exam with the following options:

  • No Changes: The time allowed would stay the same as the time set in the Restrictions settings for the Quiz. 
  • No enforced time limit: Users have an unlimited time to complete the quiz. You can, however, enter a 'Recommended Length' that will display before the user starts the quiz, but will not be enforced. 
  • Enforced time limit: Users have a set amount of time to complete the quiz. Enter, in minutes, how long Special Access User(s) have to complete the quiz. 

Please Note: If you are adding special time restrictions for a DRC student, but are unsure of how much time to allow, contact the DRC to determine the accomodation required. They can be reached at:

5. Attempts: To override the number of attempts a selected student, or group of students, receive check the Override attempts allowed button, then select the desired number of attempts allowed, then click Apply.

6. Users: You may search for the individual by first name and/or last name. Once the participant(s) have been located, place a check mark to the left of each individual's name that you wish to assign the special access restrictions.

7. When finished, click the Add Special Access button.