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The University of Arizona

Surveys Overview

The Surveys tool is an excellent way to solicit feedback from users regarding any aspect of your course. For example, surveys can be used as a method of collecting course evaluations, mid-year reviews, or researching participants' learning styles and content delivery preferences.

Setting up surveys is similar to setting up Quizzes in D2L, but surveys cannot be scored or connected to the D2L grade book. If you want to assess students for completing a survey, it is best to use a quiz, which can be scored and connected to the grade book. You can find more information about the Quizzes tool on our Quizzes help pages.

To access the Surveys tool, click the Surveys link in the course navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Please Note: The Surveys tool is not loaded on course navigation bars by default. If you'd like to use this tool in your course, you will need to add a link to it on your course's navigation bar. For more information about modifying your course navigation bar, go to our Modifying Navbars help page.