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The University of Arizona

Updating Your D2L Profile

Your D2L Profile allows you to share more information about yourself with other people in D2L. Your profile can be seen by anyone that is enrolled in the same D2L course sites as you. This includes all students and members of the course's teaching team.

To update your D2L Profile:

Click the Profile link1. Click your Personal Menu, located at the top of your D2L My Home screen, and select Profile.

2. Enter any information you'd like to share about yourself.

3. Click the Save and Close button to save your changes and return to your D2L My Home screen.

Adding/Changing Your D2L Profile Picture

To add a picture, or change an existing picture, click the Change Picture button.

To remove a picture, click the Delete icon.

Click the Save and Close button in either scenario to save your changes.