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How can I control when students see grade items when they check their grades?

There are many different ways that grade items can be restricted either by managing when it is visible to students or by setting up release conditions.  By far the easiest way is to manage its visibility by date.  To set a date when a grade item becomes visible to students do the following:


1.  Click on Grades image of grades link in navigation bar


Image of a grade item name in Manage Grades in the Grade tool2.  In Manage Grades, Click on the Grade Item you want to restrict.  In this example, Quiz 1 - Brazilian geography

image of a quiz in the list of quizzes in the quiz tool




Edit quiz page with restrictions tab circled3. Click on the Restrictions tab



image of the restriction options with Grade item is visible for a pseicif date range checked and a start date entered4.Select "Grade item is visible for a specific date range".  Check the box that says "Has Start Date" Enter the correct date and time that you want that grade item to become visible to students when they check grades in D2L.

You can also select an end date if you only want them to see it for a fixed period of time.

You can check display in Calendar as well if you want this grade item to show up in the calendar.






image of save and close button5.  Click on Save and Close.