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The University of Arizona

How do I change how my name is displayed in D2L?

All personal information in D2L is pulled directly from UAccess. If you would like to change how your name appears in D2L, you will have to update it in UAccess first. Once the change has been made, please allow up to 48 hours for D2L to update your information.

To update your name in UAccess:

1. Log into UAccess Student Center at

2. Under the Personal Information section, click Names.

3. Click the Add a New Name button.

4. Enter your new Preferred Name.

5. Select the Date your new name will be effective.

Please Note: The date you set will impact when the change is updated in D2L. For example, if you set a date sometime in the future, D2L will not update the change until approximately 48 hours after that future date.

6. Click the Save button.