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The University of Arizona

How do I set up my grade book?

There are a 3 essential of steps involved in setting up your grade book:

1.  Determine if your grade book is a weighted vs a points grade book.

  • If you are using a weighted grade book (ie. quizzes count for 25% of the final grade etc.) you need to modify the settings in your grade book.  The default is a points grade book.  To make that modification visit this FAQ then move to step two.
  • If you are using a points grade book then you are ready for step two.

2.  Create categories (required if it is a weighted grade book, optional if it is a points grade book).

3.  Create grade items

  • To add a numeric grade item (the most common used) please visit the Creating Numeric Grade Items Help Page.
  • If you are interested in different types of grade items such as Pass/Fail or a Formula grade item, be sure to explore the links on the left side of the page which demonstrate how to create some of these other types of grade items.