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How do I see my instructor's feedback on my quiz?

Whether you can see intructor feedback on your quiz depends on the following factors:

A.  The instructor has to have set up a "submission view" which defines what a student can see.  The default submission view only shows the score and not any feedback or questions.

B.  The quiz needs to be graded.

If the quiz has been graded and a submission view set up, you can access the feedback through the following steps:

Why does my quiz grade not show up when I check grades?

When instructors set up a quiz they can set it up to automatically send the quiz grade to the grade book.  Sometimes instructors intentionally do not set this up because there are long answer questions that must be graded by hand.  They have to grade the long answer questions first before releasing the grade to students.

Some instructors forget to make the right selections for the quiz grade to be entered into the grade book.

My quiz scores appear to be published. Why won't they transfer to the grade book?

This is a known issue in the current version of D2L. It occurs when a quiz is set up to automatically set quiz attempts as graded (also known as publishing) and NOT to automatically export to the D2L grade book before the quiz opens to participants. When an instructor connects a grade item to a quiz and checks the Auto Export to Grades box AFTER participants have completed quiz attempts, the published quiz scores are not transferred to the grade book.

How does a student's quiz get submitted when it is marked "in progress" and the quiz has closed?

Sometimes students do not successfully submit their quiz because they have missed the final click in the submission process.  If this happens and the quiz closes, then the quiz remains in progress and the student cannot go back and submit it properly.  In order for the quiz to be graded it needs to be submitted.  The solution is for the instructor to submit the quiz for the student.

1.  Go to the quiz and select 'Grade'


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