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The University of Arizona

D2L 10.3 Summer Upgrade

D2L was upgraded to version 10.3 on May 30, 2014

Members of the D2L Support Team will demonstrate new features and changes to the system during the OIA’s Teaching Academy on August 21, 2014. Registration for this session as well as information on the Teaching Academy can be found here.

If you cannot attend the session during the Teaching Academy, you can view this recording of What’s New in D2L 10.3.

New Features

  • The Attendance tool will be available for use. Instructors will be able to create Attendance registries to keep track of their students' attendance in D2L.
  • A new Grade Scheme with letter grades (A-E) will be available for use. This Grade Scheme will be based off of the University of Arizona's standard grade scheme.
  • The process for creating Quizzes has been streamlined.
    • A time limit can now be set on Quiz Submission Views, allowing instructors to set how long students have to see them.
  • The Discussions tool has a new look.
    • A new table of contents makes browsing Discussion Forums and Topics easier and faster.
    • Discussion Forums can now be collapsed, saving valuable real estate in Discussion boards that are used extensively.
    • Ratings can now be turned on for selected Discussion Forums and/or Topics.
    • The Grid Style of viewing Discussions is no longer available. All users will view Discussions using the Reading Style.
  • Students will be able to record audio in Discussions, Dropbox, and Quizzes (depending on question type and quiz settings).
  • For Instructors, the Role Switch tool will move from D2L course homepages to the Personal menu in the D2L Mini Bar.

Potential Challenges

Feedback from some summer session instructors is that the elimination of the grid style of viewing discussions is very disruptive.  With this style an instructor could see all the activity in a particular discussion and by scanning through the discussion could gauge the activity in a particular discussion as well as the activity of particular students.  The new style requires more clicking in order to view the contents of discussions and the activities of individual students.

A possible solution to gauge the activity in particular discussions and that of students is to use the statistics feature of Discussions where activity is compiled by student and by forum and topic.  This likely does not address all the challenges to work flows that the change in Discussions may introduce, however, it is an efficient way to see the activity within discussions and the activity of individual students in topics and forums.

Please see the D2L help page on Forum, Topic and User Statistics for more information.