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The University of Arizona

Image is too large


When you upload an image into D2L, the size does not change. If the image in D2L is too large, the problem is not with D2L, but with the original image.

Important note: Resizing an image within the HTML editor does not reduce the actual file size. Large files will still take longer to load, even if they appear smaller.

Font is different sizes


When you create your content in Word (or any similar program), you generate content and computer codes. The codes run in the background and manage the "style" of your document, handling elements like font size, line spacing, typface, margins, and so forth. When you copy content from the word processor, you also copy the embedded code. When you paste your content, the HTML editor tries to integrate the embedded code into its own style template. The result may be inconsistent or unintentional formatting.

About the HTML Editor


The HTML editor allows you to enter and format text in D2L. It is availble to you in the Discussions and Assignments tools, and may be available to you in a Written Response quiz question (if enabled by your instructor).


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